Sponsoring Casino:

Spin Palace Online Casino

Comp Requirements:

1. Only players that have registered a real account via the Comp Queen website ( are eligible for this promotion.

2. Players must take up the sign-up bonus and fulfill the terms and conditions of that bonus, which can be found here -, before withdrawing funds from the casino.

3. This promotion is only good for the purchaser and is not transferable.

4. This offer is subject to ongoing review and the right to change the offer and terms is reserved.

5. All cash-ins will be subject to audit by the Casino. The Casino reserves the right to reclaim any prizes awarded in situations of obvious abuse or fraud such as meeting wagering requirements by placing no/low risk bets.

6. The casino reserves the right to impose further limits in respect of accounts originating from environments where computers are shared.

7. By accepting and gambling using this promotion, the player indicates that these rules have been read and agreed to.

Picking the Winner:

On November 30th, Spin Palace Casino will send us the list of all Comp Queen members who have fulfilled the Comp Requirements as listed above, and Queenie will randomly pick a winner, contact them, and arrange delivery of the comp. The winner will be announced on the site and by email to all members.


Just fill in the form below and you will be taken to the special link to the casino from which you sign up and make your deposits. If you have any problems or questions please contact us.

Remember to use the same email address when you sign up below as you do when you sign up at the casino, it makes it easier for us to make sure you fulfilled the requirements!

All fields are required so that we can determine your eligibility and so that we can send you your comp, so please don't leave any blank!

All you have to do to have great prizes show up at your door is to simply send us an email. In the email please make sure to include your full name, email address, full mailing address and birthday.

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