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Most people who visit Comp Queen start off with this question:


That's because this is a brand new concept in online gaming dreamed up by Queenie herself. She decided that she wanted online gaming to be more like her fun trips to Vegas, so she got on the phone and started calling Online Casinos trying to find a way that they could offer loyal players the chance at free merchandise and vacations.

Basically, the Online Casinos pay for the comps on this site - Queenie doesn't pay for them. In return, Queenie introduces loyal players like you to the Online Casinos. In order to be eligible for the exclusive comps (only players from this site can get the prizes) you have to join the sponsoring casino as a real money player and wager a certain amount of cash in a certain time frame. The amount and the time frame vary for each comp, but they are fully explained before you sign up at each casino.

At the end of each comp period, the sponsoring casino sends Queenie the list of all the players who wagered the required amount and she randomly picks a winner and sends them the comp! She strives to always have five active comps on the site at all times so that you always have five chances to win!

Remember if you just visit the casino by yourself you aren't eligible for the comp, these comps are only offered to members of Comp Queen. You have to sign up here and then click our special links for each of the comps in order to be entered to win.

As an added bonus, everyone who signs up at Comp Queen and applies for at least one of the comps will be entered into a monthly draw for $500! Everyone who fulfills the requirements for all 5 comps in any given month will be entered into a draw for $1,000! What's more, you can get extra entries into these draws by referrring your friends to Comp Queen and getting them to sign up!

Queenie would like you to know that she will not sell or give your email address or other details to any other company or person, and will only use your details to send you updates about the comps and, of course, to send you the comp when you win it! Read more about Queenie's privacy policy.

Queenie would also like to know that we don't accept any old casino as a comp sponsor here. She has played with her own money at all the casinos we accept, has talked to their managers and has ensured that they are fair and honest. If you run into any problems with them Queenie will be happy to mediate.

I think that pretty much covers everything about the site, but if we've missed anything and you have a question for Queenie or her website peons, please do contact us.

Thanks for visiting Comp Queen and GOOD LUCK!


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